don't be nice to people

seriously, don't.

because in the end they will be against you.

not that I'm saying this because I am filled with hatred right now, no. it's just that I am sick of people judging you without even knowing the real situation. yep, they will just blindly assume.

just because I am quiet doesn't mean I'm not mad.
I am mad, at you, in fact I feel like shooting you right now and feed the dogs with your flesh
just because you are clever doesn't mean you can just say anything you please to others

god bless your soul

eh wait

I take my blessing back

a guy like you don't deserve a place in heaven, after all

help needed

yay finally

I've changed the template of my current blog because the previous one seems too childish for a nineteen years old girl, and I think this one is prettier?

well nobody's going to read my blog anyway

oh by the way

I'm gonna try my best to keep this blog, well 'alive' 
like maybe 2 or 5 post weekly? tho I do not have much to say
maybe I should start thinking of appropriate topic for each post

exquisite vision

oh and maybe I should talk about the current issues
no, no. I'm a sucker for current issues
I dont read news nor watch the news
maybe I should write about beauty tips?

lol who am I kidding, I look like Shrek
even Shrek might be angry if he knows about this comparison
I'm a potato then

a couch potato (with sunglasses, so I'd be cooler)

wait I thought I was writing about blog topics?

just a thought

I'm gonna start blogging again

this particular thoughts came across my mind
while I was staring at a white wall

well, I used to love blogging when I was younger; back in 2009
where everything seems easy, and I remember how eager I am to grow up
and that's when I realize that growing up sucks


you have decisions to make
you can't just lay around
you can't just wait for your parents to do everything for you
you have responsibilities

Growing up isn't as easy as I thought it would be
looking back in time

I have missed a lot of opportunities
because of my actions and mistakes
I do not regret making them
nor I do not want to turn back time

because without mistakes, I will never learn