help needed

yay finally

I've changed the template of my current blog because the previous one seems too childish for a nineteen years old girl, and I think this one is prettier?

well nobody's going to read my blog anyway

oh by the way

I'm gonna try my best to keep this blog, well 'alive' 
like maybe 2 or 5 post weekly? tho I do not have much to say
maybe I should start thinking of appropriate topic for each post

exquisite vision

oh and maybe I should talk about the current issues
no, no. I'm a sucker for current issues
I dont read news nor watch the news
maybe I should write about beauty tips?

lol who am I kidding, I look like Shrek
even Shrek might be angry if he knows about this comparison
I'm a potato then

a couch potato (with sunglasses, so I'd be cooler)

wait I thought I was writing about blog topics?