Trusting someone is like rolling a dice; you're putting a high hope in every chance that you get. Sometimes it may seems like luck is not by yourself.

But can you really blame luck?

Because when you roll the dice, you're putting yourself in a risk. You're gambling with your own fate and destiny. 

Be careful when you start trusting someone, because you never knew what's going to happen. You can't predict what's going to happen the next day, or the next 5 years.
Trusting someone means that you have trusted yourself enough to gamble yourself.

You may take the risk if you want to.


If someone trust you, do your best to keep that trust. It's not easy to have someone's trust so try not to let stupid mistakes take the trust away from you.

You'll do your best if you care enough. :-)

from lendu with love

Now that everyone has their own path, I must say.. I miss the old good old times.
Looking back at my foundation years in UiTM Lendu, it's fair for me to say that I miss such a beautiful sight and experience.

I miss my friends most.

I miss all of our fights, laughters and tears.

Somehow, during my foundation year, I have learn to be more appreaciative and thankful to be blessed with wonderful companions. Although I am not able to see them everyday like I used to anymore, it's fine with me. I'm alright. I miss all of them.


Diyana Afiqah. How we became ultimate partners is questionable. Why? Because I didn't like her when I first saw her, mainly because she gave this killer-stare whenever I caught a glimpse of her face. And then I thought to myself, "hey, shes something" and I've always think that she is beautiful, though she thinks otherwise. We became close because we spend many times together and even closer when I started sharing problems with her. I never thought I could meet anyone like her. She's something unique. And yes I miss her, teribbly. (And no, this post is not for you. A special one is coming) :)

Naqiah. At first sight, you'd mistaken her for someone native because she doesn't look malay, at all. She looks Jamaican, with her tanned skin and curly short hair with a bit of a purple dye. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. We are not that close when we were in the first semester but somehow we managed to find our own way. She is good with advices, really. I miss her, and that face she makes when she's high. Just kidding. No. Really. That face, Naqiah, you know it.

Illa Ali. First thing first, he used to wear all red to class. Literally. When I first saw him during class, I have always think of him as a nerd who likes anime, I even asked him to draw a cartoon for me in class. Ali is the best brother you could ever ask for. He has the warmest hugs and he always get more hot guys than the rest of us did. Turns out this "nerd" I met in class has become someone.. hot. Yes I said it, Ali. He even knows my boyfriend first before I did!

Nur Syauqina. This girl has the prettiest smile and the silkiest hair, ever. She became my room mate for the rest of the foundation year (try imagine dealing with annoying jiha who's phone alarm is so loud in the morning). I wonder what she is doing right now.. tho I talk to her almost everyday, I still miss her. Qina, if you are reading this, I'm sorry for finishing your snacks and food back in our room...... Hihi.

'Izzah. To be honest, one thing I like about 'Izzah is the fact that she is a loyal lover. She still in love with the same guy when I first met her till today, even though they don't see eye to eye anymore. That's the best quality in her, loyalty. I remember buying her a cake on her birthday and surprised her back in our room and too bad we couldn't do the same thing this year, kan? I'll hope that if we ever meet again, you'll gain extra weight. Hihi

Aliya Natasya. This girl is head over heels in love with her fiancee and they are the proof that long distance relationship actually works. I hope that we talk more often after this because I miss making fun of the way she spoke in Bahasa. (yea her bahasa is not that good) but still, you're the best, Aliya! I hope that I will be there when you're pregnant with turkish babies. Hihi

It kills me when I miss you guys.
But what can I do?
Wait till September, and we'll meet again. :-)

running away

I am caught in this big mess, in which I have no options, and to make it worse, I have no clue how am I supposed to get up to fix this mess. 

It's hard dealing with options. Sometimes, it seems like choosing the best is the solution, but in reality, making a decision means that you are ready to take responsibility of the consequences that may happen in the future.

Although, at times, running away from all of your problems seems to be the easiest solution, yet. But,  for how long are you going to run away from your problems? Your problems are like your shadows, they are attached with you. No matter how hard you try to escape, they'll keep hunting you.

So do me a favour, and stop running away from your problems.

perks of being a short girl

1) you will never look old
2) you can still fit on little kid's swings and seesaws
3) smaller shoes/tops/pants are cheaper (sometimes)
4) youre able to stand on your tippy toes to kiss your boyfriend (or husband)
5) you get forehead kisses all the time
6) guys love short girls!
7) you dont have to worry about bumping your head (e.g a tree branch)
8) you can rock the heels without looking weird!
9) more leg room when you are sitting (e.g cinemas or in airplanes)
10) we fit in all bed sizes!
11) people offer to do things for you like, all the time
12) you can play hide and seek easily

what's more? :)

don't be nice to people

seriously, don't.

because in the end they will be against you.

not that I'm saying this because I am filled with hatred right now, no. it's just that I am sick of people judging you without even knowing the real situation. yep, they will just blindly assume.

just because I am quiet doesn't mean I'm not mad.
I am mad, at you, in fact I feel like shooting you right now and feed the dogs with your flesh
just because you are clever doesn't mean you can just say anything you please to others

god bless your soul

eh wait

I take my blessing back

a guy like you don't deserve a place in heaven, after all

help needed

yay finally

I've changed the template of my current blog because the previous one seems too childish for a nineteen years old girl, and I think this one is prettier?

well nobody's going to read my blog anyway

oh by the way

I'm gonna try my best to keep this blog, well 'alive' 
like maybe 2 or 5 post weekly? tho I do not have much to say
maybe I should start thinking of appropriate topic for each post

exquisite vision

oh and maybe I should talk about the current issues
no, no. I'm a sucker for current issues
I dont read news nor watch the news
maybe I should write about beauty tips?

lol who am I kidding, I look like Shrek
even Shrek might be angry if he knows about this comparison
I'm a potato then

a couch potato (with sunglasses, so I'd be cooler)

wait I thought I was writing about blog topics?

just a thought

I'm gonna start blogging again

this particular thoughts came across my mind
while I was staring at a white wall

well, I used to love blogging when I was younger; back in 2009
where everything seems easy, and I remember how eager I am to grow up
and that's when I realize that growing up sucks


you have decisions to make
you can't just lay around
you can't just wait for your parents to do everything for you
you have responsibilities

Growing up isn't as easy as I thought it would be
looking back in time

I have missed a lot of opportunities
because of my actions and mistakes
I do not regret making them
nor I do not want to turn back time

because without mistakes, I will never learn