Allahu.. all I could think about at this moment is how sinful I am..

I cried and cried, I poured my heart out, I am down, I am broken

I don't know to whom should I talk about this

all I need right now is just a big, warm, hug from someone.. anyone. I am too drowned in what dunya has got to offer, all of the temptations.. all of the fake happiness.. all of the temporary satisfaction my heart has swelled with. Too far from what I should have seek. All of those pleasures gave me nothing but lies and broken promises. I know I should not dwell on the past, but my past keeps on haunting me..

Who I used to be.. how terrible I was.

My God, I am not worthy to enter your paradise, but I cannot bear the tortments of your Hell,therefore grant me pardon, & forgive my sins, for Thou art The Forgiver of great sins.