0249 thoughts; you

remember our first time seeing each other? yeah you were acting cool and you had that look in your face that says "im the coolest guy on the planet" yeah I must admit, at first I thought u were pretty cocky and idk full of yourself?  but then after I get to know you that nice I thought to myself "hey you're pretty nice, and you're kinda cute" haha

and then before you dropped me off, I remember "ramelia" was playing on the radio, idk I couldn't actually remember what exactly happened that night because I was pretty fucked up and I am not aware of my surrounding, but thank you for taking care of me

and then a few days after that you texted me saying that you couldn't put yourself to sleep because you kept on thinking about me, and I thought to myself "haha u cant be real" but I didn't tell it directly to know cz I thought that it'll hurt your feelings

few days after that we had supper together and we met each other a lot! i've lost count but I did remember our first 'proper' date at ikea! we had like 15 meatballs, 3 chicken wings, cheesecake, cinnamon bun and croissant. yeah and apple juice! do you still remember we had to wait for like 20 minutes before we actually got our seats? haha it was a good day

and I must admit, you are good 
you made me fall in love with you 

if you ask me why did I fall in love with you, trust me, I dont know! you might actually think that it's such a cliche answer but no it is not. but if I really have to give the reason why, it would be because........ when I look at you I feel happy! so extremely, madly, truthfully, extraordinarily happy. like a very genuine happiness. urgh i dont know how to express myself la, imran. you know seeing you smile, seeing that cute laugh, hugging you, being around you urgh it makes me so happy! i just want you to know that being with you brings out the best in me.

one day, if we are ever destined to be the right person for each other, i'd be so fucking glad. I swear to god i will be the best wife, the coolest friend, the worst enemy and the most wonderful mother to our children. despite the hardship that we may face in the future, we'll get through it together. i dont mind taking care of you when youre sick, i'll make breakfast for you every morning, I'll stay up and watch football with u at 3am, I'll listen to your rambles and rants, I'll learn a new recipe for you, I'll stay awake with you during your sleepless nights, idk anything, just, anything.

yeah it's too early i know, i'm scared too. too scared. but hey lets work this out. whats the point of being in a relationship if we dont work things out kan?

im sorry for pouring out my problems, sorry for making you listen and sorry for being moody. yknow sometimes I may be in a bad shape, annoying or a level 5 clinger, but please, bear with me.

entah la imran, i tak tau i nak tunjuk macam mana dah
tapi. i sayangkan you.

seikhlas mungkin.

p/s - again, nothing happened that night. i swear to god. it was all a misunderstanding. i'll be more careful, i love you. :)